Hospital Management System


HMS is a Hospital Management Software. This software has been introduced in order to keep track of the activities involved in OPD departments of hospital, details of patients. With the help of this software module, day to day records of OPD registration, diagnosis charges, deposits and withdraws, service/test uses, doctors appointments etc  would be easier to maintain. In addition to these this software will allow management department to manage categories, test and its categories, doctor’s categories and departments etc. The software’s generated reports are easier to read, filter, exporting to compatible format or direct print according to administrations requirements. 

Software’s uses

This software can be used for the purposes required for the departments like; 
a.    Receptions
b.    Accounts
c.    Doctors 
d.    Store Keepers
e.    Managements
f.    Administrators
g.    General Operators

Software’s Architecture

This software is windows desktop application software with database backend. The software has been developed putting major considerations on reliability, efficiency, security, maintainability and size. Therefore we can assure you that the software is well engineered to fit on today’s software demand and run properly on basic hardware specifications that can run windows XP or later software application.

Deployment Model

As this is a database application with a strong backend of MS-SQL server 2000 database, it requires a centrally managed database server where several backup methodologies like mirroring, scheduled copying and database replication could be maintained. In addition to this backbone, the software is made much more user friendly environment. Since, it’s a client server architecture, the client terminals could be anywhere in any department and will be managed centrally from administrative rights described under privileges section in the application itself.