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step one

Discuss needs, receive rough estimates

Briefly discuss your needs with Communicate Technology representative. Based on the information you provide, our staff will supply you with a rough estimate. Please note that this is not a final quote, but only an estimate of the time and type of work involved in creating your desired job. Communicate Technology will provide you with a precise quote after a more thorough information gathering process.

step two

Concept Design

Upon your written approval of the proposal, Communicate Technology's design team will create an initial concept designs. The concept will include a sample page (or multiple pages, depending on the nature of the job) with general marketing, branding, navigational and layout ideas. Concept designs will serve as potential directions in which our team will further finalize the job.

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step three


Based on the approved concept and direction from our design team, our production will begin production of your job. During this phase all further requirements will be implemented. Please note that revisions will be possible through project portal at this stage, however, the amount of changes need to be acceptable. In special cases, when more complex job alteration is involved, longer production period than proposed will be required. In these instances, you will be notified of the estimated production time.

step four

Delivery of the project

After production is complete your job will be queued for delivery within 72 hours. Any problems or technical issues will be dealt with immediately.

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